Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Did It or In With The New, Out With The Old 2

It all starts here. The Nash 25S built by Nash Manufacturing from LaGrande, Oregon. These folks also make the Arctic Fox line of trailers and I am told they are both made in the same plant using the same construction techniques. This unit is 26'11" long, compared with 25'6" in our previous unit. The one and a half feet are used very well by a fuctional and compact floor plan. The frame on this unit is good for off road use and has leaf springs as well as shocks at each axle. A very smooth ride.
It is heavy, weighing 5050 lbs verses the 3257 lbs dry weight of our previous rig. The previous unit had a GVW of 6160 lbs, while this one can handle 8000 lbs. Thank heaven we traded up to the 2010 Chevy Silverado with a 9600 lbs tow capacity. We have solar power with two batteries and now the old man doesn't have to hand crank the tongue. Storage on the outside of the unit is abundant and we have a window facing forward.

So, the interior is spacious and very well organized. There is much more storage capacity in this unit. We put all of the stuff we had in the other trailer away and still had cabinet space left over. Shelfs are in these cabinets instead of just empty cabinets.

There is a laundry chute next to the bed that drops clothes into a basket located in the outside storage well. The bedroom floor is carpeted and with the heated, fully enclosed underbelly the floor is much warmer than our previous unit. Then there is the counch. We didn't have one of these in the other unit. The dinette is similar to the one in the RVison but it is more comfortable and the cushions don't fall out everytime you sit down.

The bathroom is about twice the size of the one we had before. Located in the back of unit, it runs across the width of the unit and includes this huge wardrode/storage cabinet. We have a DSI/Electric water heater that you cannot hear running. The only noisy item in the trailer is the furnace.

Once set up, the trailer sits very solid and doesn't bounce around when you walk around. There are lots of switches, outlets and electrical goodies we didn't have in the previous trailer. And last night the TV with DVD player was a godsend.

Home sweet home....Parked at our camping spot. Just after I took this picture it started to pour buckets of rain. It still hasn't stopped. Our night was uneventful as everything worked as advertised and we contine to reinforce our decision...I feel like such a sinner to enjoy this so much.

Be safe out there..


  1. congrats on your new and bigger and better trailer!..enjoy all the amenities this one has to offer!!