Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Week Closer

Another week begins and is it just me or is the world really screwed up. I hate watching or listening to the news. I fear that by the time I retire (three or four years from now) I won't be able to enjoy myself with trips across the country. Between gas prices and politicians there might not be anything left to live on...

And why the heck is the unemployment so high....Baby boomers (us) are supposed to be retiring in mass numbers and yet the young people coming out of college can't find decent paying jobs and remain unemployed. I thought the news media told us there would not be enough of the generations after us to replace us....Unless a lot of us are staying past retirement....??

I want too, I need too retire....

Have a safe day


  1. You just have to jump out there & do it. We unexpectedly "jumped with both feet" at the end of '09 when husb was laid off. Fortunately, we had already sold our home and was somewhat ready to hit the road. We are living on much less income, but we are blessed!

  2. You can get by on a lot less than you think you can. We live comfortably and don't do without anything we really want.

  3. It's up to us Boomers to quit working and give our jobs to younger people. Win-win!