Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Sucks

It is Saturday morning and I have just finished catching up on my blog reading and commenting. I hate to whine but it sucks to read about all the adventures everyone is having and still being stuck in the rut of life working. I enjoy my job, but in this late stage of life, watching others around me pass on, I just want to go before it is too late.

Add to that the fact that this is the start of a three day weekend here in the states and I have to work today. Luck of the draw, being management, call it whatever you will, I still have to work.

Tomorrow I will be going to my step mom's house to collect some wood from a tree she had cut down. We haven't seen her in several months and need to sit with her for awhile. I plan to deliver the wood to the camping site on the way home. My daughter, her friend and their kids are using our new trailer and campsite this weekend since I am working and Mia (the wife) does not like going to the park on three day weekends....too much chaos.

Then it is home for Memorial Day dinner alone together with ourselves as we reflect on all those brave souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could enjoy the freedoms we have.

Be safe out there.....and watch the weather forecast...its downright dangerous in some places...


  1. We were where you are just 2 yrs ago...when I turned 60, I no longer wanted to do the job. When hubby was laid off in Dec '09, we hit the road & haven't looked back. Sometimes you just have to DO IT!

  2. double sucks here too!!...we so wish time would go by very quickly!!..but it isn't!!..dang it!..three years for us before we can even think about it!

  3. Doin' it feels better than not doin' it, but that's not much consolation to you right now. How long are you looking at before you can untether?

    The Good Luck Duck