Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Pictures

I forgot that I took pictures of the very trailer we are hoping to purchase while we were at the RV show last weekend....So here is another look. Nope, that isn't us looking at the preowned board. But that is the trailer in the background

This would be the side entry. Notice the additional storage behind the wheel well. The big handle is standard for us old folks. All of the parts that prop or latch the door are metal. No plastic here. Nice stabilizer jacks instead of the goofy little flat bottom gizmos we had on the other trailer. Hope that we can jack the trailer if need be.

So this is the front of the Nash trailer. It has something I have really missed, a front window. I love the plated front end and the light for use when working after dark. The hand crank will be replaced with an electric jack.

This is the interior looking forward. The space aged looking gizmos on the ceiling are speakers and they are everywhere. There is tons of cabinet space in this unit. Ducted air conditioner and heat. Completely heated under belly. R18 insulation in the ceiling. And that couch, complete with storage underneath that can be accessed from inside or outside.

The interior looking to the rear. Lots of cabinets, including under the dinette. A much bigger sink and a pull up counter top. A little storage cabinet at the entry and a TV/DVD player hanging on the wall. Across the back is the bathroom complete with a huge wardrobe closet on one side and a show on the other. Nice vanity with a much larger sink and there is lots more room to change clothes. Plus, for us old folks, a foot pedal on the toilet.

I think we are really going to love this trailer.

Just got to get the financing set, take it for a test tow and get the old trailer appraised. I don't see the financing or test tow being an issue. Our Chevrolet 2wheel drive pickup is rated at 9600 lbs and the max on the trailer is 8,000 and we will never load that much stuff in it.

Be safe out there....


  1. That looks like a really nice retirement condo! I hope it all works out for you and that you have lots of fun in it.

  2. nice new home on wheels!!! Congrats!!