Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nice Weather

We are experiencing some really nice weather. Sunny and in the mid 60s which is just right for the Pacific Northwest. Since I am working split days off this week I have tomorrow off and the weather forecast is more of the same.

I plan to visit Lowe's, Sumner RV, Camping World and the barbershop tomorrow amongst other things that I hope to accomplish. Getting a bunch of supplies to clean the new RV, check the chalking, soften the rubber gaskets, lube the locks, doors and windows. The trailer was in stock at the dealership for a short time and I am not sure how much of the above was done.

Going to Gold Bar Saturday afternoon to clean out the shed and spend alone time with my new trailer. Got to make sure everything is set up for Mia so she and the grandkids won't have any issues when they arrive without me next weekend....yep, working the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend.

Be safe out there..

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  1. Have fun with your 'alone time' with the trailer!!..sounds like a great idea!