Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 2nd

Being off for the first time in many years and able to watch the college bowl games was a real treat especially the Rose Ball.  Did I, a UW Husky, Pac 12 fan want USC to win?  Not particularly but it appears they had different intentions and after watching the game I have to say it was without a doubt one of my top five games ever.  101 points and several Rose Bowl records fell to the wayside and the game ended with a spectacular come from behind finish.

I drank some more Root Beer of the course of the past couple of days.  The first was Rocky Mountain Root Beer.  All natural ingredients, fresh Colorado water, and small batch creation make this Root Beer one of the better that I have tasted so far.  They have done a wonderful job of combining the ingredients to get a fresh old time Root Beer flavor.

You would think that something with Gene Autry's face on it would be outstanding given that it would likely be considered All-American.  Bottled by Rocket Fizz who also bottles many other celebrity brands as well as sells them in franchise stores bottles this brand finds itself competing with the same product with a different face on the label.  Unfortunately, the flavor is weak and doesn't live up to the life and times of Gene Autry.  Not one of my favorites, sorry Gene.

My final selection over the New Years Holiday was Jackson Hole Buckin Root Beer.   Bottled by Jackson Hole Soda Company in Jackson, Wyoming they claim to have the taste that won the West.  Batch brewed they try to remind us of the stuff Grandma used to make us.  (Did I give away my age with that fact).  It is one of the darkest brews I have experienced and had no foamy head but the flavor was great and of the three I drank over the holiday this one gets my highest vote.  Probably not easy to find unless you go online to order.
 That is all for this trip through Root Beer tasting.  I am sure we will have more reasons to lift a tall one.

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