Friday, December 30, 2016

Brownie Caramel Creme Root Beer

My order of 48 bottles of Root Beer from the Root Beer Store in Sand Point, Idaho has arrived.  Two large cases were on my porch this afternoon as Honey made a fuss over the delivery person.
Inside the four boxes taped together to make two larger cases are the 48 individual bottles of various Root Beers that I ordered this past Tuesday.  Of course, I could not contain my excitement and open one that sounded like it might be tasty.

Brownie Caramel Creme Root Beer sounds like a wonderful thing.  The first thing you notice is the lack of foamy head when pouring into a glass.  The second thing you notice is the strong vanilla smell when you raise the glass to your lips.  What sounds like a good thing really isn't if you are a lover of old style Root Beers.  Attempts to add other flavors to the base Root Beer usually doesn't impress my palette.  This one is no exception.  While I finished it, I cannot strongly recommend it.  Mia loves caramel but she agrees, don't put it in Root Beer, at least not this much.  This one is bottled by my recently discovered bottler in Mukilteo, Washington, Orca Bottling.

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