Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Got to Stop Drinking for Awhile

I haven't even gotten half way through my large root beer order that my son made possible over the Christmas holiday but I am thinking it might be time to back down some.  One or two a day is just too much.
Grand Teton Root Beer comes to us from Victor, Idaho and the Grand Teton Brewing Company.  Kettle brewed it seems to have a blend of components that give it a very refreshing taste.

I am not sure what happened to this bottle or batch of Maine Root Beer but suffice it to say the flavor doesn't match their advertising.  There was a rooty flavor (like dirt) to this bottle and I am not sure I would like to try it again.

Ithaca Root Beer has some rather unusual components but the flavor is outstanding.  Panama Bark extract, hops, star anise, juniper berries and vanilla bean combine with water and sugar to make an outstanding root beer flavor that is creamy and just plain good.
Frostop, like A&W, started life as a Drive in Diner in 1921.  In 1926 Frostop developed and sold a very frothy root beer to their customers.  The tradition lives on today with this premium root beer gives a foamy head with great flavor.  Frostop makes several different root beers utilizing different ingredients.

Think I'll start drinking water for a while.

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