Thursday, January 19, 2017

Need to Get Out of the House

The Tacoma RV Show opened in the Tacoma Dome today.  We aren't looking to buy but we are always interested in what is new.  Not much has changed in the overall RV however, there have been some cosmetic changes like different flooring materials and designs.

All of the RV's presented are showing the best of those available and it seems the numbers of units being sold is depleting the stockpiles of things like cab and chassis combos for the motorhomes.   I took down a few Vehicle Identification Numbers and found that while the RV is being touted as 2017, most of the cab and chassis units under the rigs are 2016.  The ones I checked were B and C class units.

I didn't take a lot of pictures as I have in the past and we didn't spend a whole bunch of time wandering thru every trailer or motorhome in the dome.  We have concluded that by the time you spend the money for the initial RV and equipment, look for and pay to park it, purchase insurance, fuel and pay for maintenance you could easily drive and spend time in motels.

C class motorhomes are in the $60,000 up category.  Choice Hotels average nightly charge in 2016 was around $60.00 for an economy room, to $125.00 for the upscale hotels.  Double those to include eating out and you'll spend between $120.00 and $250.00 for food and lodging.  You could spend 240 days on the road using hotels and restaurants for the initial cost of an RV.  Add in all the other things you need to own the RV along with the fuel, maintenance and parking costs you'll find you can stay on the road even longer.

On the flipside, if you intend to use the RV as a place to live and your intention is to be a nomad until your health won't let you, then by all means, look at the RV Industry.  Just be very, very careful what you buy.  You need to use an RV more than a couple of weeks a year to make it pay for itself.

Just my thoughts.

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