Monday, December 21, 2015

These Characters

Colonial Williamsburg
We have almost another one year of listening to and trying to judge the candidate that we think would best lead our country into the future.  Sadly, I am already tired of the whole he said, she said, there're lying BS that we are listen to or reading about daily in the media.  Between the allegations of theft of information to the out right fictional videos, we listen to the front runners call each other liars and many other things.  I am personally sick of listening to it.  Tell me what you're going to do.

Show me you have the qualities to lead.  Be knowledgeable about the issues, don't make up facts that aren't in existence.  Show some personal character and don't sink to the other guy (gals) level.  Name calling and personal attacks are not what I want to see.  If I wanted a bully for President, I would got back to grade school.  Have respect for the Constitution.  Perhaps it is flawed or needs updating but for now it is what we have to guide us into the future.  And have a flexible mind.  Be able to listen and perhaps choose a different direction when you hear arguments against your position.

Please just give me information that will benefit my decision at the polls.