Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas and Root Beer

Christmas is about a week away and I think I have all the shop projects for this year done.  I finished a rocking doll cradle for my youngest granddaughter (don't worry, she doesn't use the computer yet).  Mia put together some accessories that include a pillow, quilt and a mattress.  I originally gave one of these to my daughter when she was young and she let me use it as a pattern so I could make the new one.  Frankly, I built the first one back in the days when I drank alcohol like a fish and I really don't remember building it for her.  I have photo records of a bunch of different things that I have built over the years but can't find a single photo with her cradle in it.  I guess I failed to take a picture of it then and now.  Gave it back to my daughter yesterday.

Done with three coats of satin polyurethane

Back in the early days I used to build and give away all kinds of silly things for Christmas.  I made Angel Door Bells from pine, dowels, round wooden door knobs, sting and a couple of bells.  They were pretty big and I doubt if any of them have survived the years.  I made some simple Reindeer that everyone seemed to like and with the help of Mia we gave several away as gifts one year.  Both of the kids still have theirs.

We baked on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  First up was a Fruit Cake that my mom used to make sometime in September.  The difference between ours and hers was the lack of alcohol in ours.  I took one taste of it and was swept back into the 60's.

Thursday morning we made some cookies.  The first one was a icebox cookie with candied fruit.  Again, this cookie was my mom's recipe and once again I was transported into the 60's and our house on 35th N.E. in Seattle, which no longer exists.

The second on was an oatmeal cookie with candied fruit added.  This one was our doing and is something new for us.
As those of you who follow the blog are aware, I love Root Beer.  When we were on our trip across America I took every opportunity to grab a different Root Beer to test.  After extensive drinking, Mia and I decided that the Root Beer we drank at Jefferson's Monticello was the best we had found.  When we got home I did some extensive research and discovered that their Root Beer is bottle by the Old Dominion Brewing Company.  Upon visiting the local Root Beer Store I soon discovered that Old Dominion Brewing actually had their own Root Beer.  I couldn't tell if it was the same as the one from Monticello or not so I ordered a case of Root Beer from Monticello and purchased a couple of bottles of the Old Dominion from the Root Beer Store.  The cost difference is amazing.  With shipping added in you pay $3.03 per bottle for the Monticello brand but change the label and the price comes down to $1.69 per bottle.  After getting both in my hands we did a comparison this morning.

Other than the label on the front and the name they are both the exact same product.  It is much sweeter than I remember but it still tastes like old time Root Beer.  I have 24 bottles of Monticello Root Beer to drink over the holidays so you could say I am a very happy camper.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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