Sunday, May 13, 2012

Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

So much of landscape photography is being in the right place at the right time.  Such is the case with these two pictures.  Allow me to explain.

Two Sunsets In The Same Picture

Two Sunsets In The Same Picture

It is my practice the first night of a stay in a strange city and after all the meetings are done for the day, to take a long walk around the surrounding area.  I was on such a walk when I took this picture.  I had just finished talking with my wife on the phone and was very disappointed that the direction I had chosen to go left me with absolutely nothing to look at.  In fact there were a lot of closed  businesses and buildings were for sale.  So I decided to go back the other way and as I walked by the hotel property I noticed this shot was available.  With the giant tree in the foreground it is a rather dramatic picture of what can happen when you're in the right place at the right time.  As the sunset moves across the horizon it casts a reflection off the windows of this tower that is a part of the hotel.

Hotel Tower

If you look in the far left corner of the shot, you can see the tower building.  The second sunset is a reflection cast in the windows of the tower, however it looks like two sunsets.  I saw it before I took the shot and was very impressed with the outcome.  Had I chose to crop the picture I could have made the tower disappear from the scene completely.  Integrity (learned from Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma) made me do the right thing and post the un-cropped picture.

Hope you're having fun on the road.  I love all the pictures and blogs that I read.  I had 167 in my feed box when I got home and I read them all.  I commented on a couple.  Sorry but I am sure you all realize that we have time constraints.  Honey is begging me to go for a walk.  Have a great day.


  1. Great photo! Two Suns? Must have been a great day!

  2. the right place at the right time!!!