Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long Post (Ramble) With No Pics

It was a long week. The weather conditions did get better, after the wind storm that hit us on Monday and Tuesday. More trees cracking in the wind and further power outages. Our daughter got her power back on Tuesday and she was a happy camper. The kids went back to school on Tuesday.
It was a rough week at work. Monday was extremely busy, lots of phone calls. Tuesday through Friday wasn't as bad but one of my employee's father-in-law passed away and he took the majority of the week off. Add to that the fact that at least one other person is off every day of the week (because of Saturday) and I found myself short handed by two every day. I had planned a vacation day on Friday but a managers meeting was scheduled for 7 am so I went in to work to attend and try to catch up my paperwork. I got there at one in the morning and left around 9 am.

Needless to say, I didn't get much else done Friday. Our combination microwave/exhaust hood passed away a couple of weeks ago and Mia had purchased a replacement at Sears. I went over and picked up our new convection/microwave/exhaust hood and Zach is coming over this afternoon to help me install it. Then he and I will head to Kent to watch the Seattle Thunderbird Hockey team play the Portland Winterhawks. It is teddy bear toss night so we have to have some furry creatures to toss. I am also considering visiting and ordering my new SnugTop truck cover today while a coupon discount is still good.

As you know, the Presidents State of the Union Address was Tuesday evening. Yes, I listened. Yes, kind of agree with some of his ideas. Do I think the have a chance in hell of agreeing or passing any legislation.

I am not sure that discussing politics is a good thing for my blog, but I am so disillusioned with the current political landscape that I can’t seem to keep quiet.

We never discussed politics or religion around the dinner table at our house. Perhaps we should have. As I read Edward Kennedy’s Memoir, I am struck by how this elite family discussed history, politics and religion at the dinner table. Many of the future changes that came about were seeded at this very table.

So what has me ruffled? Frustration as I watch the Republicans try to choose someone to beat Obama. If you ask me, I’d say the Republicans will not regain the White House this year. I don’t think there is a candidate on their side of the fence that can get elected.

I consider myself middle of the road. I have voted for both parties over the years, trying to base my decisions on experience, past performance, leadership, principals, and common sense. Is it just me or is there really no Republican candidate with all the qualifications? We certainly have the rich and the richer but where is the person who will make the tough decisions, stand by them and move us forward out of this quagmire that we find ourselves treading in. Sorry, but I don’t see one any better than the one already in the Presidents office.

Then there is the Senate and House full of opposition members who refuse to make anything happen. But, wait, when we had a majority President with a majority congress, we still didn’t get anything accomplished. So frustrating to watch and wonder when these elected officials are going to realize that they need to do what is right for the majority of the people regardless of their party lines.

Something tells me I’ll be waiting a really long time to see any change from the executive or legislative branches of the government.

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  1. politics or not..try and have a good weekend!!