Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grand Kids And Approaching 65

So it is snowing all over the Puget Sound region, including in my front yard.

We took our two oldest grand kids to their riding lessons yesterday afternoon. Of course, grandpa sees this as a photo op, although the kids probably would disagree. Both rode ponies and showed an excellent grasp of riding skills. I should go back and take some lessons. The last time I saddled a horse and rode it was around 1968 and I didn't know what I was doing then. I was told to hang on the horse would do the work and good thing I was holding on, tight. Horses can stop and turn on a dime when they are trained to keep cattle in line. Here are a couple of pics of the kids.

Zach is one with his pony

Emily looks good on her pony

Another birthday arrives next month. Sixty-five years old. I have some aches and pains but I really don't feel sixty-five. I remember when my dad was sixty-five he retired. I have to go to sixty-six to get full benefits but it looks like I will be going beyond that age because my wife is younger than me by two years and she has to get to sixty-six to get the full benefit as well. I have had a friend of mine offer me a consulting position with her company, roaming the country in my trailer and helping new car dealer parts and service departments experience better profitability while providing top notch service. I suspect that I will contact her once I actually retire and see what she has to offer.

As I approach sixty-five I am looking back to the past and realizing that my life has quite literally flown bye. While I have never been famous or accomplished great feats, I have managed to raise a family and watch them start raising their own. While I wasn't the greatest dad living, my kids have managed to become very good parents. My daughter raises my two oldest grand kids. Her son is always willing to help and is very respectful. Her daughter is a very neat young lady. My son is an absolute joy to watch around his new son. I suspect there will be big things coming from our newest grandson.

I love my family. I enjoy seeing them and being around them. Hitting sixty-five makes me want to spend as much time as possible with them and enjoy them. So onward and upward to the future. I am really looking forward even though I am trying to find out about the past.

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  1. I have one more year before reaching 65. We did not want to wait for full benefits to retire and don't regret that decision one bit. Great pics of the grandkids!