Sunday, November 6, 2011

Updates and Ramblings

So, I haven't posted anything recently, primarily due to work, work, work. I just finished a long six day work week with most days exceeding 11 hours. Makes an old guy tired. So, I am kind of taking the day off and relaxing around the condo.

I came home after a long day yesterday and decided to watch the Huskies last game at Husky Stadium before the big remodel. It had to be the Oregon Ducks and of course, we had to hand them the game. Had we not turned the ball over three times the outcome may have been very different. They might have actually had to play to win. As it was, we gave them three easy scores and that took care of any chance for us to upset them and give the stadium a more positive send off.

I actually thought about going up to the trailer and trying to install the cover today. When I got up after turning my clock back an hour, I found 25 degree weather and a lot of white frosty covered stuff outside. The sun came out and it has been dry all day and likely would have been the perfect day to go up and get that little project done, but I just didn't have it in me to drive all the way up there. We are going to visit my step mom out of town next Sunday and we will drive by the trailer and make sure the bucket isn't overflowing.

I was saddened to hear that Andy Rooney had passed away. He complained about everything and everyone but he never made any excuses for it and he was fun to listen to and often gave you something to think about.

Our friend Cynthia came home from the hospital on Saturday and she seems to be doing much better. Still weak but she is well on the road to recovery.

We didn't win the lotto, so I still have to go to work tomorrow. Mia was really disappointed as she had spent all the winnings.

Nothing much else to reports.


  1. sorry to hear you didn't win the lotto? either?..hi ho off to work we go!..geesh!!..have a good week..hope this one will be a shorter one for you!!

  2. Too bad about the Huskies losing the last game in their home stadium - a lot of great memories about great teams from Husky Stadium!