Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home, Safe and Sound

What a day. I woke up at 3am this morning and looked out to see the wind blowing leaves around as the rains came down in buckets. I stayed up and made coffee and read the morning paper online prior to watching Meet The Press. I ended up drinking two small pots of coffee before the wife got up around 8am. I made oatmeal with nuts, brown sugar and butter, finished my coffee and went upstairs to get ready for the day.
By 9am we were loaded up and heading up to Gold Bar to check out the trailer. We arrived at the lot and found the trailer and the lot covered with leaves and needles. It appears that most of our neighbors have packed up, covered up and left for the season. We got out and examined the trailer and the water stand pipe to ensure that our neighbors had properly closed everything so the stand pipe doesn't freeze over the winter. Looking at the windows from the outside we had some concerns about condensation as we entered the trailer. While the dehumidifier was not running it was obvious that it had been and things appeared to be dry. We checked the inside of each window and found the condensation was actually on the outside of the windows. The insides are perfectly dry as the rest of the unit. We emptied a minor amount of water for two weeks. I was genuinely surprised and happy to find it in really excellent condition.
We left Gold Bar and drove to Mt Vernon to visit my step-mom. We arrived around noon and stayed until after 3pm. We had not been up to see her for some time and we had a lot to catch up on. I am happy to see that someone else has entered her life and her friends continue to support her as she moves forward. She is doing very well and Mia and I are very happy for her.
After a long drive home, shopping at Walmart, we ate pizza. I could have done without the overhead Christmas music at Walmart (I think it is just a little early). Oh well, they must celebrate Christmas in Arkansas a little earlier. I remember a different time and while children anticipated Christmas, we didn't make it visible until the weekend after Thanksgiving.
Have a great week


  1. Christmas in November is a tad early at our house too!!..sounds like you had a nice weekend though!!

  2. I'm glad to hear that your trailer was fine. Good to know that you are safe and sound back at home after your long day.

  3. Great to hear the rig was in good condition.

    I agree, it's a little early for Christmas music.

  4. Don't you hate not having the trailer close by? But at least it's close enough to check on.
    I agree, I don't want to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. :)