Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mac Pro Laptop, Driving and ??

So we decided to get a new laptop from Apple. We have been considering it for sometime and our new 15" Mac Pro showed up today. Unfortunately I am still typing my blog on our PC from HP because for the live of me, I cannot remember the password to the ACTIONTEC system that I installed. Looks like I'll have to go digging to find it.

As I went forth this morning it was later than normal. I usually get up very early and take off for work before there is traffic. Today I waited and went by to pickup my new glasses. I left Federal Way for the 26 mile drive to work around 8:17am. As I drove over the highways and byways between here and work I was really surprised at how many folks stuck in traffic were busy texting or calling someone. I will admit to some distraction. I was listening to Radio Classics on Satellite radio. Think it was Philip Marlowe. Anyway it took over an hour to get to work. I don't see how people do this everyday.

Rest in Peace Joe Frazier.


  1. Legacy Laptops with Windows 95 or DOS for sale. With serial port, floppy and hard drive.

  2. And another blogger joins the Mac revolution!! A friend just gave us an older Apple so we can try before we buy. Would love to hear how you like your Mac.

  3. enjoy the new Mac!..we are PC people!..at least for now!