Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Rants

As promised I did very little yesterday. I did get up and install a weatherstrip around the outside of the garage door in the mid morning. There was nothing much to do so I went out into the thirty degree weather to install this stripping. Probably should have waited for warmer weather but it is installed and the draft seems to have disappeared.

Watched the Oregon Beavers defeat my Huskies yesterday. However, there was a major meltdown in college football yesterday and the BCS is going to be in shambles as several ranked teams got upset yesterday including Oregon, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Clemson and Florida State. The Ducks like to make fun of the Huskies and a lot of what they say is true. They compare their "elite" Ducks to our "middle of the pack" Huskies. I don't see Oregon on the list of National Championship Teams. While we are mentioned once, we do share the title with Miami. The Ducks have gotten close. Now they know what it is like to be a sports fan in Seattle. We always seem to get close and then drop the ball....

Had a great time with my grandson and his friend at the hockey game last night. It was the first time we had gone in some time. Seattle out played Portland and won the game 6 - 3. There were several Portland fans (player girlfriends) in our section. Zach was wild and crazy as he normally is at these events. His friend held out until the third period. She seemed a little embarrassed at the beginning but he managed to get her up clapping and screaming during the late moments of the game. As we left the stadium the Portland bus was waiting outside, warming up (it was around 29 degrees) for their overnight trip to TriCities. I think they just wanted to get the heck out of town.

Today will be another lite day. I found our granddaughter spent the night last night so we will need to take her home and do our weekly shopping later this afternoon. After that, NOTHING but R&R......note the word NOTHING...of course the wife isn't up yet, so things may change.

I have been watching my Sunday morning shows and I don't think I am going to have much trouble wrapping my head around the idea I wrote about in my post yesterday. On CBS Sunday Morning there is a piece about people who are effected by the economy. Yesterdays givers are todays users of the food banks. I want to be okay when I retire. I want my wife to not have issues to worry about. So my head will soon be straight and I'll move on to the next level.

Have a great Sunday, I just looked outside and it is snow yet. It is 26 degrees and frosty.


  1. enjoy your Sunday!!.. -6 here this morning..brrrrr...have a great week at work!!..just think only five more sleeps and it will be the weekend again!!!

  2. Ahh the good old BCS! Sure shook up those computers yesterday. Your Huskies will come back. I can remember when they were at the top of the pack and my beloved Ducks were a joke. It all comes full circle from time to time. Darn Ducks shot themselves in the foot yesterday. They only played the last quarter.

    We finally decide that if we listen to the pundits we would never have enough to retire. There are no guarantees. Do the best you can, that's all anyone can do.

  3. Well, now we know who the better hockey team is--at least for yesterday! ;)

  4. Sorry 'bout your Huskies, but all the loses yesterday pushed our Razorbacks -- YES, RAZORBACKS, HOGS -- hopefully to #3...a FIRST. We proved you can retire early without having a ton of money & survive -- no regrets!

  5. You definitely DO have a lot to be thankful for, and the weather will change, eventually!

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)