Monday, July 4, 2011

A Great Fourth

Spent Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday at our home port of Gold Bar Nature Trails. The sun was out most of the time and Mia and I explored the park several times using our bicycles. We enjoy the place when there aren't too many people present. It seemed like there were fewer people than the normal three day weekend. They had all kinds of activities including a Renaissance Fair with an evening Feast and Golf Cart Jousting. It seemed like everyone was have a great time.

I am current reading The Lincoln Story Book by Henry L. Williams. It is a very interesting look at the man and the period of time he lived.

Came home early in the morning today and did some grocery shopping and then cleaned and waxed the truck. Then we went to our daughters house for Fourth of July dinner with family and friends. We are home now, early, because both of us have to work tomorrow and don't feel like staying up late into the night to watch the fireworks that the kids bought. They will no doubt have a war zone around their neighborhood.

Hope everyone had a safe Fourth.....see you on the road.


  1. sounds like you had a lovely 4th!!!..have a good day at work tomorrow!!

  2. I've not dropped by for a while. Good to hear all is well.

    As for bike riding, hubby and I REALLY need to get ours off that back ladder where they are strapped and sit ourselves on them more often. Great exercise.

    Phyllis from