Thursday, July 7, 2011

Carol K and Blogger

A short, not so funny post. You would think that the owner of a blog would be able to respond to and leave a comment for someone who had a question regarding one of their posts. But, no, Blogger makes me sign in many times and never takes the comment. It is frustrating because so many times I would like to comment but can't because of this ridiculous situation. Anyway.......

In response to Carol K the park in Gold Bar is a privately held, membership park that doesn't have an affiliation with any national camping clubs. It is an easy place to get to, provides a relatively safe place for the trailer to be kept at a moderate price.

Keep on camping...

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  1. Is it just my blog that causes you commenting problems? If so, I'm sorry, and I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for answering my question about the Gold Bar camp.