Sunday, July 17, 2011

Physical Therapy and Other Musings

I visited the Physical Therapist early Thursday morning at our local Group Health Office. I had all kinds of scary ideas presented to me by others who have undergone some form of PT. Since my appointment was at 7:30 am, I was slightly apprehensive thinking that a specialist who starts this early in the morning must really love her job
Upon arrival I was taken to the normal examination room with a different style table (bed) in the room. It looked very flat, hard and uncomfortable. I was given a very careful examination for range of movement, pain, and alignment. Then she had me lay down on that above mentioned table and she reached under my neck with both hands and pulled back. Kind of a manual traction as she explained what she was doing. My spine quickly announced the fact that it was not happy with this kind of treatment but it didn't matter because she continued to inflict traction on and off for the next fifteen minutes. Soreness arrived shortly after she was done.

I was then given a list of exercises to do and a stick figure picture/instruction sheet so that my wife can inflict the same amount of pain to my spine.

So, for awhile, my wife will have the pleasure of causing me some pain.

I spent the yesterday afternoon with my grandson and his girl friend at Magnuson Park in Seattle attending a walk for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. This is a very disruptive inflammatory bowel disease that both my bosses wife and one of his son's suffer with. I have donated and walked every year that I have worked for the Chaplin's. We had a beautiful afternoon. The sun came out and made it nice and warm. After the walk I took them on some back roads through some of the more scenic areas of the city along Lake Washington Boulvard.

It is very hard to believe while walking through this amazing park that I spent several months in this same location as a part of the Naval Air Reserve in the mid 60's. This was once the Sand Point Naval Air Station and I was assigned here during my stint in the Navy. I volunteered and attended boot camp but failed to make it through the course. Had my knees not failed me, my life may have turned out completely different from what it is today. I went into the military with the goal of spending my career in the service of the Nation. It didn't work out.

But, I am in no way unhappy with my life. I love my wife, kids and grand kids. I would not have what I have now had it not been for my wife. She has been a steady beacon in a sea full of troubles and tribulations.

It doesn't appear that the weather will every find consistency and stay sunny and warm. We are overcast again this morning.

Just finished watching Meet the Press. How depressing that our elected officials cannot come to a mutual solution to the issues facing this country. I would be willing to pay five cents more per gallon of gasoline if the Federal Government would guarantee that the money collected from this nickel would be used to pay down the debt ceiling and absolutely nothing else. At 375 million gallons of gasoline sold a day that would be a lot of money, quickly. Pay the debt down and cut the tax.

It won't happen. I don't know where the future will go or what it will hold for those following me. One thing is for sure, this country has had a lot of tribulations over the short life span and always seems to find a way to come out ahead. I hope and pray for the same result from the current fiasco.

Be save out there.....


  1. I totally agree with your solution on the gas tax. It seems so simple.

  2. more info on inflammatory bowel disease here - Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  3. As with many things in life, it are the fear of what are gonna happen that are oftentimes worse than what happens. Glad yer therapy went well, and I.M. figures that no matter what happens, the country are gonna be here tomorrow.