Sunday, July 31, 2011

Preparations and Pictures of the Disaster

The trailer that exploded last Monday was a 70's single wide that the local fire investigator feels may have had a propane leak coupled with an electrical issue that caused the above mess. This trailer was sitting in the park and had a wood framed roof laying on top of the trailer roof. Yes, that is the intact propane tank in the right center of the picture. It appears the deck was moved several feet, but most of the heat and fire was towards the rear of the trailer.

This is the next door neighbors trailer roughly 150 yards away. Lots of damage and pieces of the exploding trailer.

A wall of the exploding trailer lodged in the wall of the neighbors

A wide angle shot of the lot. The trailer behind the unit didn't suffer any damage but there was flying glass. Neighbors across the street had frame work, siding, and insulation landing on their lots.

Some of the insulation, wall studs, wall skin, and electrical wiring wrapped around a tree near the lot.

The trailer is home and we will be preparing it for our upcoming trip. I am so looking forward to hitting the road and spending a week somewhere else.

Be safe out there.


  1. Wow! Your pics of this trailer fire look very similar to ones I took of a trailer explosion and fire in the Sands RV Resort last winter. It's amazing how fast an RV can be completely destroyed in seconds by a propane fire.

    Thanks for reminding us to be very careful and treat any suspected leak as a life and death issue - because it is!

  2. great photos of the 'explosion'!!..just thankful that no one was injured..metal and fiberglass can be replaced!..take care..nice to see you 'rig' all safe and sound!