Friday, May 19, 2017

The Other Washington

Things here in the other Washington, couldn't be better.  We have birds chirping in the early morning and a promise of fairly nice Pacific Northwest weather for the next few days.

After completing all of my medical lab work and attending to my Angiography CT scan it is time to return to Gold Bar and wait for a call from the Neurosurgeon.
Most of the time was spent in the setup.  The actual scan took mere seconds.  The first trick for the attendant was to find a place to insert a needle for an IV while asking me a bunch of questions about allergies and things that might complicate the scan.  Then I was invited to lay down on a long narrow table near the device pictured above.  The table moved me into position inside the ring and the machine started up with a whirling noise.  Then the attendant gave me a small dose of a contrast material that made me warm with the feeling that I was wetting my pants.  It also left a metallic taste in my mouth.  None of these lasted for more than a few seconds and the whole procedure was done.  I sat for a few minutes while they observed me and I was off to the rest of my day.  I await the call from the Neurosurgeon's office for my appointment to find out the details of what will occur next.

Things back in the other Washington (DC) aren't so good.  We are retired and enjoying life here in the other Washington, though things are getting a little expensive around here.  With the exception of utilities, Washington State seems to have a higher cost of living than just about any other state in the Union and it doesn't appear that politicians have enough money as they continue to raise fees and taxes while giving themselves nice little annual raises.  I suppose we could move to the midwest but at 70 that isn't an option, I am willing to consider.  We will continue to live, travel and enjoy our lives with family and friends while we try to ignore the other Washington.

Here in this Washington, spring is arriving, finally.

Our building in the background getting new siding

Around our campus

Large open area

Plants coming alive with color

Great resident garden

Trees add color
I hope all is well in your part of the country.

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