Saturday, May 13, 2017

National BBQ Month

May is supposedly the beginning of summer and time to cook (in some cases, burn) meat over a grill. Now is the time to dig out the grill, smoker or fire pit, clean them up and get to cooking some meat.  Some say grilling was discovered by Columbus who found natives grilling meat over fires using wooden grills.

There is an argument that meat on a grill isn't barbecue, that the only way to have true barbecue is to slow cook the meat over indirect heat with smoke or no smoke.  What does it really matter?  The flavors you get from grilling meat on a metal grill over direct heat are different, but in the end, the meat is cooked and has the added flavor from flame broiling.

Unless I am in a hurry, I love to smoke meat in a smoker.  To me, slow cooking is the way to go.  Most barbecue shops would agree.  The BBQ we had in Texas was done in a smoker and was the best that we have found in our travels.

So drag out the grill, smoker, or fire pit and start fixing some goodies.

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