Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sometime the Best Laid Plans

There are times when the best-laid plans of Mice and Ken don't work out the way Ken intended.  Mia and I went home Monday because I had an afternoon follow-up appointment with my Doctor concerning an aneurysm found during my little emergency a week earlier.  As far as appointments go, this one was fairly quick.  The doctor and I discussed what she had done while going over my charts. Apparently, she had a consult with a Neurosurgeon who asked her to set up an appointment with him after I go have some lab work done and another, apparently more involved CAT Scan.  Okay, I have no problem with that.

Mia and I planned to return to Gold Bar for another week and enjoy some time away while the construction continues at home.  I figured it would take some time to get the call about the CAT let alone actually get it done.  We all know how slow the medical field can be at times.  Two-thirds of the way to Gold Bar, I get a call from my health provider wanting to set up my appointment for the labs and the CAT scan.  While I figured I would be waiting a couple of weeks, the coordinator told be I could get in this coming Thursday.  Damn, if only they had called before we left home.

Now the plan is to go back home this afternoon so I can get the labs done early tomorrow morning and then go get my CAT scan Thursday morning.  If everything works out okay, we'll return to Gold Bar on Friday.

Life can be so much fun.

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