Friday, May 5, 2017

Second Go Around, Still no Replay of Life

Several years ago, I had an anaphylactic shock episode that nearly took me out.  I didn't see the replay of my entire life during that episode.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that I had a scratchy throat and it felt like I might be coming down with a cold.  It bugged me all afternoon and when I went to bed last night I spent the night waking up every hour or so with a serious pain in the neck when I swallowed.  I figured I was under the weather.

At around 4:00 o'clock a.m., having woke up several times during the night, I was done and decided to get up.  I made a cup of coffee, drank it and still didn't feel like staying up so I went back to bed in our spare room.  I slept for a bit and around 6:00 o'clock a.m. I got up and decided to take a warm bath.  I laid in the tub for maybe ten minutes before standing up to get out.  As I toweled off, my breathing became labored.  I felt like my airway was closing and I couldn't get air to my lungs.  I literally panicked as I tried to Mia's attention in the next room.  My voice was unintelligible but she could tell I wasn't getting air.  She said my eyes were bugged out but I wasn't blue.  She called 911 and shortly after that the EMS arrived.  By the time they arrived, I had sat down on the bed and calmed down somewhat.  My breathing was labored but I was getting air while my voice was still not working.

The EMS guys did several tests and had me stand up but another much shorter episode occurred and my blood pressure shot way up so they had me sit down again.  Things calmed down again.

At this point, they felt it necessary to have Medic 6 continue to our house so they could evaluate me.

The medics did some further tests with nothing conclusive.  I was taken downstairs by a couple of ambulance attendants and shipped to the emergency room of our local hospital.  Once in the emergency room; doctors, nurses and attendants hooked me up to all kinds of equipment and took blood and gave me drugs.  After a CAT scan of my throat and airway there was nothing conclusive found and I have a follow up with an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist as soon as they can get me in.

There is a tale that says that your life, good and bad, runs before you when you are about to die.  Either it isn't true or it only happens when you are going to die cause I haven't seen it yet.  I am just hoping that the third time isn't the charm as stated in another old saying.

Needless to say I will be convalescing the remainder of this weekend.

That is how my day started.  I certainly hope yours was better.

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