Monday, November 30, 2015

Tired Of All The BS

Events of the recent past have left me wondering just what the heck is going on with the human race.

All life matters.  I don't care if you're green, your life matters.  Everyone has a right to live.  I don't judge you based on your color, religious beliefs or sexuality.  I can't just look at you and judge you without knowing you.  You might look down and out but I can't or won't judge you based on your looks.  I can't understand folks who continue to judge others without having had contact with them.

I don't think you should be shot down in the street unless you are endangering yourself or someone else.  I certainly don't think you should have a gun emptied into you.  Do I think you should stop when requested to do so by a police officer?  Yes, definitely yes.  Regardless of what you think, follow the officers instructions carefully.  To continue walking down the street is to invite trouble.  Don't fight your situation if you are in handcuffs.  Let the Justice system weed things out.  Police officers can be wrong too.  Is it really worth dying for?

I enjoy people and I disagree with a lot of my friends and relatives who see things completely different from me.  Could be my age but I genuinely enjoy having people around me that aren't necessarily going to agree with everything I say.  I don't make it personal when I don't agree with a friend or relative.  We can agree to disagree.  More often than not, I wander off to reconsider my position.  Sometimes I change my position, other times I don't.

Onward and upward.  Remember, all lives matter.

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