Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Trip, Storms and World Changes

Last Friday we had reservation at Rosario Resort and Spa on Orcas Island in the San Juans.  While some head south to nice warm dry weather, we chose to head north and out towards the water for a cooler, stormy break.  On November 14, 1969 we got married and spent a long weekend at Rosario for our honeymoon.  It has been 46 years since we last visited the island.
While the exterior has changed very little, the interior has seen an extensive remodel.  Much of the original woodwork was retained but there were new additions and some thing got rearranged.  Rosario originally was the home of Robert Moran, shipbuilder, one time Mayor of Seattle.  He retired to the island after taking himself from rags to riches.  With one of the biggest shipbuilding businesses on the Pacific Coast he was able to afford to build this fantastic property using trade labor from his business and it shows in the beautiful wood work inside.

We visited every town on the island during our four day trip and took at trip into Moran State Park and up to Mt. Constitution property originally developed by Moran and donated to the State in the early 1900's.  It was snowing at the summit.  And there is a tower that would have provided spectacular views had it not been overcast.  It was a beautiful day on Sunday for the visit to the pass.

We visited most of the townships on the island and many, like Olga, are empty.  Eastsound is centrally located on the island and seems to be the town that has developed all the necessary businesses to keep the island going.  It is a tourist trap but also has the basics that are needed to survive on the island.  There are no fast food restaurants on the island.

Of course the island is full of eccentric individuals as well as many artist.  There are many farms that supply several local restaurants with fresh meats, vegetables and fruits.

We had a ball.  Monday we experienced a storm that messed with the area and the island lost power.  It was fun watching the storm.

As we left on Tuesday there was some doubt about the ferry crossing back to the mainland but while the ride was a little rough we made it home just fine.
Here are more pictures of the inside of the mansion.

Unfortunately you can't stay in the mansion anymore but the accommodations are nice in the outbuildings that are well placed on the hillside alongside the mansion property.  We had a great time.

While we were gone the world change again.  Now Russia and France are participating in the war on terrorism as Paris, France was attacked by a group of individuals from the terrorist group, Isis.  Now we have allies who were enemies.  Will this insanity every stop?  

Black Lives Matter upset college campuses and libraries across the county.  What happened to All Lives Matter......?

Thanks for dropping by, hope all is well.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, thank you of sharing your adventure :-)