Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome November

November has arrived and October went out with a roar around here.  Mia and I went up to our trailer  Tuesday of the last week of October to rest and enjoy some peace and quiet and we did pretty good.  I accomplished a little bit of stuff around the place on Wednesday and then we decided to go to Leavenworth on Thursday for a day trip.

We left in the morning and headed over Highway 2 and into the cool but dry eastern part of the state. We enjoy walking the streets of Leavenworth on days like Thursday when everyone else has to work. It is much easier.  There was lots of fall foliage to see and we decided to have dinner at one of the many restaurants in town.  This one is Italian and is it good.

We drove out into the valley and around the town and back to the highway on our way to the Icicle Ridge Winery.  Our daughter loves their Blondes Gewürztraminer Wine and I loved my taste of a white wine with raspberry added.  The winery is just east of Leavenworth in Peshastin, Washington and is well worth a visit.  Once we had our wine we returned to Gold Bar and some pretty soggy weather.

It rained (poured) Thursday evening, most of Friday and Friday evening.  I was scheduled to help with an inventory in Lynnwood, Washington on Saturday so I left the trailer early in the morning and spent the majority of the day away.  From what Mia said, it continued to rain all day Saturday with very few breaks.  As I returned to Gold Bar late Saturday afternoon, I noticed some flooding along the highway which got really bad when I hit Sultan, Washington.  Downtown Sultan was flooded.  Sultan was on flood watch with a threat of the highway closing.  When I got back to the trailer, Mia and I discussed heading for home, so we packed up and left.

We are home and safe for the time being.  The weather has let up some here but I understand there are other parts of this vast country that are experiencing some very different weather conditions from the norm.  Having just watched COSMOS on the National Geographic Channel I have to wonder is some of what was discussed in the series isn't the absolute truth.

November is here and Starbucks has returned my favorite winter time drink, Peppermint Mocha.  Had to get one this morning.  So yummy and so bad for my already massive waistline.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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