Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Short Week Felt Really Long

I actually took the last weekend off and didn't go to work until Wednesday but by the time I was done Saturday night, it seemed like a mighty long week.  Work was busy and I didn't have a full compliment of staff any day of the week so we accomplished nothing with regard to making things easier to find.  What we did do is sell a lot of parts.

The meds must be working because even though I know there is a ton to do, I am not feeling particularly overwhelmed.  There is still a depressed feeling with a little anxiety thrown in for good measure but I seem to be able to at least take Sunday off.

The only problem with taking the day off is the crash mode that I go into on said day off.   For some reason I just don't feel like doing anything.  If I went to work I would accomplish something but staying home just makes me want to crash.  Not sure what that is all about.  Perhaps the counselor that I am schedule to start seeing on the 2nd will have some insight as to what is going on inside my head because I frankly have given up trying to figure "me" out.

I am not sure where I am with regard to a spiritual life or not.  There are many doubts in my mind and then I hear about the 9 year old boy with a huge spirit who dies from cancer and his last remarks to his dad were:
"Dad, I am not ever going to get married"
"Why would you say that?", his dad asked.
"Because God needs me more."

The last words he uttered as he passed on to what he felt was something to look forward too.  Makes you kind of wonder.


  1. Makes you wonder, indeed! Happy New Year to you and your family, May 2013 bring you good health, safe travels and happiness!

  2. Some things you just have to take on faith. Glad to hear you are doing some better and I hope you continue to make progress. My hubby is 66 years old and he is just now figuring out some real important things about himself and how his brain is wired. It is worth taking the time to work on it. Best wishes.