Sunday, December 2, 2012

Facebook Issues And A Short Weekend

It has been a very long week beginning with many  huge orders arriving and people getting sick or being gone for one reason or another.  As you know we are in the process of trying to get our parts department back together from a move.  It is hard to continue to do business while trying to put things back together.  Finding parts is an issue and we have many that haven't made it to a bin location yet and not many bins left, especially for bigger items.

With all the inbound freight I ended up working all day yesterday and got home around noon today after having been in by 4:00 o'clock a.m. both days.  It makes for a tired and weary Ken.  I came home to make a pegboard panel to hang on the end of one of our bin rows.  We saved some of the pegboard from before the move and I used our box truck to bring a couple of sheets home to rip them down for use tomorrow.  I built this one using 1 X 2 and the ripped pegboard.  Today it lays on my shop floor, tomorrow it will have Subaru wiper blades hanging on it.
I use a Shopsmith to do the majority of my woodworking.  They are multi use tools but can be tricky to set up.
Using the side table ( on the right) requires some adjusting as you set the rip fence.  The problem with this tool is the rip fence always seems to move in on one end or the other when you tighten it down.
The measurement can be right on and then you tighten it down and the rip fence moves.  While the measurement here is 24", if you look to the channel on the right you see it is just under 20".  To ensure the rip fence is parallel to the blade you measure from the rip fence to the channel at three spots across the table, front, rear and at the blade.  They should be the same.  If not, you have your work cut out for you.

While working this week my head met up with an immovable object.  Just outside the back door and obviously not high up on the wall is a lock box for a key for the fire department to gain access to the building should the need arise.
It is not a good thing when your head meets this object.
The good news, I have the rest of the day off even though it is just after 2:30 p.m.  My boss mentioned an item that I was unaware was available through a program we have with VW.  I ordered four of these, two for him and a couple for stock.  I am thinking I might want to build one.  They are only $130.00 but are they every cool.  Lots of working items.

In the 50's Volkswagen introduced the Westfalia Camper, a converted VW Micro Bus.  Through the years there have been many versions with the last one built in 2003.  Lego has developed this kit.  It is pretty detailed.  One of my co workers has this on her desk so I took some pictures.  Hope you enjoy.


  1. Facebook issues? the lego VW! darn cute!

    1. Seems I forgot to mention that I couldn't get the pictures to load from Picasa to Facebook.