Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Sunday And I Took The Weekend

I got some devastating news last week from another one of my valued employees.  Instead of just loosing one employee I will now be loosing two and apparently neither are my fault as a manager which is often the case.  Still it makes you question your ability and doesn't help the morale in the department for those who are remaining.  We now have to find two replacements and thus far the people applying are no where close to those that are leaving in product knowledge or abilities.  That leaves me to do more which always seems to be the outcome.  I am dealing with it but having worked everyday since Thanksgiving and often very long hours, I decided to take the weekend away.

It is late afternoon on Sunday and I am not sure that being away has helped my attitude or my stamina in any way, shape or form.

Last night I took Mia to the Woodman Lodge in Snoqualmie, Washington.  Snoqualmie is a small town in the foothills and just off I 90 whose claim to fame is a Railroad Museum and Snoqualmie Falls.  My daughter recommend the Woodman Lodge for a special dinner from my wife who hasn't seen a whole bunch of me lately.  (Maybe that is a good thing)  Anyway we had a lovely dinner and a nice drive out and back.  We spent nearly an hour and a half and spent just over $100.  We don't drink so when we go out for special dinners our bills are generally smaller than most.  The Lodge is a steak house but has other items on the menu.  Mia had a nice steak that she said was wonderful and she isn't a big steak person.  I had prime rib and it was excellent.  The only mistake I made was I ordered it medium well and I should have had it medium rare.  Still it was good and I really enjoyed it. appears the Seahawks are killing Arizona in the first half.  Just hope they can hang on to the 31 points they have gotten in the first half.

I am off to study employee applications.

Have fun out there.....I so want to join you.

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  1. enjoy what is left of your weekend! hope you find the perfect fit in a new employee!