Saturday, February 11, 2012

So we went to the rescue center yesterday to pick up Honey. She is a mix Terrier/Chihuahua which gives her an odd look but her shy, loving personality makes up for her looks. She has a sweet temperament.

We loaded her in a crate because we weren't exactly sure what to expect from the first ride in our truck. She didn't quiver or shake, she just sat or laid in the crate watching us as the world went by. Once we got her home we spent some time in the yard on a lease and then we gave her a leash guided tour of the condo. She poked around in every little nook and cranny. After the guided tour and another trip outside we felt comfortable letting her off the leash. She quickly followed and observed everything we did as we prepared dinner, sat down and ate.

When we sat down for the evening she acted like she wanted to get up on the couch so we let her. She loves to be pet and enjoys being really close to either Mia or I. She will try to force us to pet her but once she realizes she has gotten all she is going to get, she settles in and lays right next to you. I think someone has worked with her before and I don't believe she was allowed on the couch in her previous home. She is very comfortable with us having rolled over into a submissive posture very early after she got home. I would have expect that to come much later after we had built some trust but apparently she already trusts us.

I really don't think we could have picked a better companion. Mia is in the shower and she is sitting next to me looking up the stairs anticipating her coming down.

Hope everyone is well and the trips are good.


  1. congrats on your new 'four legged companion'!..hope your weekend goes well as everyone adjusts to the new life!!!

  2. Congratulations! It sounds like you are being well-trained. ;)

  3. Have a wonderful time with your new companion! She sure is a cutie! It's always so nice to find a new rescue doggie to bring home! We've got 2 that we've had for over 13 years now, and they are both so precious. Not as small as yours is, more like 45 - 55 lbs. but still very sweet and loving. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Congratulations! I always get rescue dogs, and they are usually winners. Your new pup sounds like she has very good manners, and I think she is darling! She's lucky to have gotten such a good home! Have you decided on a name yet?