Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day Two At New Digs

Our rescue pup has become more at ease than I would have thought possible. We finally heard a bark from her the first time yesterday afternoon when some people came to the condo next door. She just wants to be close to who ever is sitting on the couch. She loves being pet to the point of climbing in your lap every time you sit down and nudging you until you give in. I don't want to overdo it but I think she needs this love early in the relationship. She seems very adjusted to her domain and willingly lays down and naps without fear.
Every time Mia or I get up she is up and either following us or sitting up on the couch watching us until we return. We had to leave her in her crate during the day as both of us had to leave for a short while. I left first and Mia said she was upset when she tried to put her in the crate when it was time to go. I came home and she went crazy. Jumping all over me and getting down in a play posture. She whats us to think she is going to play and then she rolls over for us to pet her. I am not sure she knows how to play. We have several toys but she shows no interest.
As far as a name goes, we picked the one she came with, Honey. I don't know who gave her this name but I suspect it might have been the person were we picked her up. Unless she had some kind of id when the previous owner dumped at the pound. Sad that people won't take care of their animals. She is such a lover I don't see how anyone could give her up pups or no pups.
It is time to go up and get her out for another day of fun in her new domain. I look forward to hearing how she does at the office with Mia tomorrow. Mia's boss says it is okay to have an office dog, so she is taking her to work every day. Should be interesting. Maybe we can teach her to file.


  1. Money can't buy the love that little girl is bringing into your life.She is sure a cutie, Reminds me of our Granddog Sadie-Mae. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. glad to hear that the adjustment is going well..crate training is a great idea!!..hope the first day of 'work' for Honey goes well!

  3. There's nothing like rescuing a pet -- she will love you forever!