Saturday, February 25, 2012


It has been an interesting and long week even though I took a vacation day on Friday.

Monday started early with lots of stuff to do at work after working all day Sunday cleaning up the warranty room. I had a dinner meeting after work and then took Zach his check for the work he did Sunday. I got home late. It appears the wife forgot I was going to be late. Wasn't a big deal but she said she completely forgot.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were filled with meetings with manufacturers and planning the future for the parts department along with lots of paperwork. We have been approached by a local body shop group who are looking for new local dealers to service their account. We hope to get them as customers sometime this coming week.

Friday I went to the doctors to be probed and stuck. I ended up getting three shots for things people my age are supposed to get. I had a medication change and found out some interesting information. Apparently it is a good idea for me to have an ultrasonic look into my abdomen. Those that are over 65 with a history of smoking need to have this to ensure that the arteries inside aren't experiencing issues. Apparently it is similar to the ultrasound given to pregnant women. So I am up to make an appointment for that. I was supposed to go in today to have blood drawn for various tests but I woke up with a headache and not feeling really great. I was warned when they injected me that I might experience a headache as well as some pain in my arms. Boy where they right. My arms were killing me last night. I got up in the middle of the night and found I wasn't quite myself. Didn't feel really good. But I have managed to get up and get moving.

Our rescue dog, Honey, has adapted so well we can hardly believe it. She continues to provide us with a lot of love. She has learned to bark and we are working on cutting that to a minimum. She walks really nice and seems to ignore most other dogs. She has finally learned to play. She has several toys that she loves to growl and swing around while holding them in her mouth. She has figured out how to look outside but getting up on the couch. She gets really upset when Mia leaves in the evenings.

Hope you are having a blast. While spring is but a month away, it is snowing today in the Seattle area. I love it....

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  1. We had snow last weekend in NC -- 75 yesterday, then a storm blew thru and dropped the temp to low 50s today. Crazy weather!