Sunday, September 18, 2011

Up Early, Big Loss

Up early waiting for my grandson to climb out of bed so I can fix my lovely wife, he and I breakfast. The Puyallup Fair is going on and while we have no plans to go, we decided to make the signature pastry that is served there for this mornings breakfast. Fisher Fair Scones served warm with butter (yes, real butter) raspberry jam, with little sausages and scrambled eggs. As soon as we are done with that, I must clean the upstairs bathroom and then he and I are off to move stuff around in the garage, pull in the Silverado and work on installing the factory fog lights.

Yesterday the Huskies lost a tough game to the Corn Huskers. We were in the game all through the first half until the fatal miss call by the officials that gave the Huskers a chance to take the lead going into half time. We looked good in the second half until another official miss call gave the momentum to the opposing team and we went bye, bye. The Huskies are young and they will be fine. I have to say I am very impressed with Price the quarterback replacement for the supposedly best all time quarterback at UW, Jake Locker. Price has more presence and is able to see the field and make things happen when it looks like nothing is left. Some more practice and look out.

The WSU Cougars (the other college team in Washington) lost to San Diego.

The Mariners are now 63/88 after loosing to the Texas Rangers yesterday.

The Seattle Thunderbird hockey team was beat last night by the Portland Whitehawks in the last preseason game.

Sounders Soccer Team won 3-0 if you like soccer.

Saturday was not a good day for a Seattle sports fan.

The Seattle Seahawks play in Pittsburgh this morning. The official who made the bad call against us in our only Super Bowl appearance (against Pittsburgh) is supposed to be the official at this game. Should be interesting.

Enjoy your Sunday

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