Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here I Am

Well, life does go on and it has been a very busy last few weeks. I would bore you with the details but since I don't want to think about a lot of what has happened, I have no to plans to rethink and write about anything other than the more positive recent history....the weekend.

We picked up our grandson, Zach, on Friday night and drove to Gold Bar to spend the weekend at the trailer. I had this grand idea that we should try to find
Lake Isabel. This alpine lake is located up the hillside (mountain) from Reiter Pit just outside the park. We left at 8:20 am and took off hiking through the park, out the motorcycle gate into the DNR property under the power lines that stretch across the landscape from east to west. We walked until we came to a cross road and turned left towards our up hill march. We are at 192 feet above sea level at this point and looking forward to a climb that have us changing our elevation by 2378 feet. We get to a branch in the road and apparently make a major error by turning right instead of left.

Our future geologist spending time enjoying the granite.

As we proceed up what looks like an old logging road we climb steeply and walk through a gate. I don't remember anyone mentioning a gate on the way to the lake but they do mention two switchbacks and we definitely had those. We end up at another branch in the road and after investigating in both directions we discover we have reached a dead end. One direction we can go boulder climbing....not happening. The other direction leads to a sign that states, "This is not a trail, violators will be prosecuted". We stop going that direction. I suspect it could be a trail to a fire watch station. We turn and walk back down the hill (mountain). Physically near the end we press on until we return to Gold Bar at around 1:40 pm.

A sandstone face left sitting on the rocks under a small waterfall

Enjoying the view near the top of where we went.

If you really want to embarrass yourself, go on a hike with your 15 year old grandson and experience humility. I was absolutely exhausted when we returned to the trailer. After a short respite we went to the family pool and spent about an hour floating around in nice cool water. It felt so good against weak muscles.

Zach preparing the route down, so the old man doesn't have to lean over.

Zach gets to the highest location...A nice rock...Looking like Red Dawn

It is a day later and I really don't feel all that bad. Not a lot of pain anywhere. It was hot while we were hiking and that was draining. We never did find the lake. Two attempts and two misses. Guess we'll have to try again. Just not sure about taking Zach.


  1. Thanks for the correction about the revolting development! I knew I had heard it many times, but just wasn't sure where. :)

  2. yes, hanging out with the young 'uns makes us all feel a tad bit older!!!