Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Customer Service

There have been some genuine compliants and issues with regard to customer service on recent blogs and then there are others that might not be the fault of the manufacturer or company and yet getting on a social network and complaining tends to give impression that the consumer has no fault for anything.

My business is built on customer service. The owner of our organization has never, not ever deviated from the statement, "the customer is always right". We carry it a step further, "the customer is always right, even when he is wrong". If our customer is standing next to a white car telling us he has a black car..HE HAS A BLACK CAR. We don't argue, but we also don't give him black touch up paint.

Are customers wrong? Yes. Do customers make mistakes? Yes. Do customers often use products outside the intended use? Oh Yes. But the customer is the customer and resolution that satisfies all parties is the only way to go. Customers who have had resolution to their issues and feel they were treated fairly will return to do more business with a company.

However, it is up to the consumer to contact the company and at least give them the opportunity to do something before jumping on a social network to expose the shoddy company practices. Some companies deserve it while others do not. If a company will not listen to and address your concern then by all means hit the social network.

And before you hit the manufacturer with one hundred percent of the blame, think about your complicity and the reason you are upset. Has anything you did caused the issue that has sparked you to be upset.

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