Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wireless, Eh!!!

Sitting in my cheap hotel room in Lewiston Idaho, know that I said I was off the grid for the weekend but discoving they have free Wifi. I just uploaded a picture to my facebook and I thought it would take forever, so I am not really sure if any pictures will be included in this post.

I drove an 2010 Tiguan manufactured by Volkswagen, from Federal Way, WA. to Lewiston, Idaho yesterday. I put a little over 322 miles on the SUV and sat in the seat a little over five hours with one restroom stop. I have to say that this is one fun little SUV to drive and it was very comfortable. Sometimes in smaller vehicles, I get back pain if I sit too long, but not in this rig.

We had a beautiful day yesterday in the mid 80's. So many family members came from all over the Northwest and as far away as South Dakota to help celebrate my cousins 90th Birthday. I think she was genuinely surprised at the turn out. I had a wonderful time and ate too much as is normal when I come over here to visit. These ladies are fantastic cooks and always have interesting meals.

I will write more about the trip and some of the interesting stuff I saw when I get back home because the picture of the Tiguan that I started to post one half hour ago, just showed up on the blog. I'll wait until I get home to do more....

Going to church with the family this morning and then another day of visiting before heading home on Monday.

Be safe out there.


  1. Neat little car. Nothing like hangin' out with family & eating way too much! God bless & be safe in your travels!

  2. I like the little suv. Hope you have a great time with the family.

  3. Oh! I've seen them here in Austria but didn't realise they were being marketed in North America. There's hope for our car purchase questions when we move back home next year after all. Glad you enjoyed the ride.