Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Weekend

Went off the the park Friday night. Had an absolutely great weekend. Saturday was overcast but we were able to take a long walk, install solar lamps around the lot, clean the lot, burn off some weeds and still have time to eat and enjoy the day. So quiet on weekends like this.
We have decided to watch the Matrix trilogy and started with the first one on Saturday night.
We woke up to sunshine and birds singing this morning, had a wonderful breakfest and they went for another long walk. We cleaned up to get ready to come home and I sprayed off the roof of the trailer and then washed it. We tidy up and left to go see our son, his wife and our new grandbaby.
I really enjoyed the weekend and so did Mia. I hope we can enjoy some more this summer...
Be safe out there...

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  1. welcome home..glad your little getaway was a huge success!!