Friday, June 24, 2011

The River Runs Thru and I Am Sick of It...

Short post on a sour subject this Friday evening.

Yesterday the Sun was out and birds were singing; grass was growing; people were running, walking and strolling in the warmth.

Twenty-fours later those same birds are hiding; the grass might grow if it can pick it self up after being plummeted; people left their houses in the warmth in shorts and other short garments only to find themselves caught in a deluge that made the street in front of our condo look like a river.

Frankly, I AM SICK OF THIS....I want some warm, sunny weather for say....two weeks...just enough so I forget....


  1. the sun is shining now!..we had a rainstorm today too!!..summer?

  2. We had a bit of warmth today but still behind schedule as far as REAl summer weather. Crazy year...