Saturday, March 19, 2011

Up Early

It is 1:40 am on Sunday morning and I am up due to circumstances out of my control. I must say that I don't wish to be up but here I am none the less. This is the first day of Spring and I am ready for the camping season to begin. I spoke to the folks at our camping club and the snow is gone and the roads are ready for us to return the trailer to our humble little lot.

I have owned several trailers over the years and almost every time I have moved them to the shop for the annual service Mother Nature has unleashed a downpour. Yesterday I went over to my daughters to get the trailer, tow it back home, unload it and take it to Camping World to have the annual services and wheel pack down. I saw sun in the sky. And surprisingly enough it lasted until I get the trailer unloaded.

So, I have to comment on the Japanese situation. I feel really bad for those folks and what they have lost. The worst part is, it isn't over when the shaking stops. The radiation issues might be around for many, many years along with all the devastation and clean up. My daughter keeps hammering on us to make certain we have put together emergency kits. I guess, in lite of all that happened in Japan, she has a very good idea.

Be safe out there....

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  1. I.M. a thinkin' that peek of the sun when y'all were a movin' yer trailor was a way od tellin' ya that it might be a might gloomy now, but it are gonna get a hole lot better fer you in the future.