Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I haven't updated the blog for a week because alot of stuff has happened.. Our son and daughter in law delivered a new bouncing grandson at 11:53 a.m. this past Tuesday and we got the opportunity to meet him for the first time Saturday. He is a very active guy who is able to hold his head up and according to our son can turn over already. Needless to say, grandma and grandpa.....very proud. Last Sunday was the first day of Spring and I took our trailer to Camping World to get some annual maintenance done so we will be ready for the upcoming camping season. Dropping it off was easy and I was provided with a copy of the paperwork outlining exactly what would be done during the services. I had a 10% off coupon for the any of their ProCare Services. It was a very pleasant drop off experience. Yesterday I went in to pick up the trailer and received a bill for slightly more than the estimate but being in the automotive business I quickly figured out why there was a difference however the person checking me out and taking my $500.00 plus bill, failed to explain anything about what was done. Fortunately, I asked for specific items to be done and I know what is involved to get them done. The wheel bearings are now packed and the annual service of the major appliances is done. I will need to examine the exterior, wash and protect the roof, de-winterize and disinfect the fresh water tank. I chose Camping World because I have and still do have great experiences with the personnel that work at the Fife location. Even though they seem to charge more I have never been unhappy with my experience. I guess part of the reason I am easily satisfied is my back ground in the service side of the automotive business. I'll discuss this in later blogs.

Home Sweet Home

So we decided to take the trailer back to the park where we keep it during the summer months. It is a private camping club that is approximately 70 miles from our home in Federal Way, Washington. It is a nice, secluded park and as long as you stay out of the politics it can be a great deal of fun to go and visit on the weekends, holidays and vacations. There is hiking, mountain biking, fishing, river rafting, horse back riding, and mountains, all very close. And it is relatively secure. Looking forward to visiting it often this coming summer...starting next weekend. Stay safe out there..


  1. congrats on the birth of your new grandson!!!..he is beautiful! precious!!

  2. Great news on the new grandson, also good to see you trailer is parked and ready, now all you need is some nice weather and time off. Won't be long and that Grandson will be camping with you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..