Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nice Couple Of Days

Sunday started out with a beautiful sunrise and my grand daughter and lovely wife working together in the kitchen of our trailer to make breakfast.  I am not a big gravy and biscuit guy but this was damed good.
After that meal I went out and spent a hour or so with my new weed whacker beating up the trailer and the surrounding vegetation.  My new weed eater is pretty powerful and it not only eats weeds it can eat plastic.  I got too close to the plastic skirting around the bottom of the trailer and punched some holes in a few spots.  I managed to get some of the weeds cut off but I still have more to do.

Duct tape repair

It was mid day and I needed to get our grand daughter home so we left Mia and Honey at the trailer and headed south.  I dropped her off at her house and I continued on to the condo after a couple of stops along the way to complete some errands.  I spent the afternoon watching the Mariner game, they lost, and the May Day celebrations in downtown Seattle, more like a riot.  In bed early I was up before dawn Monday and on the road back to Gold Bar.

Monday was hot reaching 86 in the mid afternoon.  It was kind of a lazy day for Mia and I.  Mia worked on a quilt that she is making and I started to spray paint a table that we were given.  I had disassembled it last year and cleaned and sanded all the parts.  I wiped them down and got some of them done.  The paint takes two to five hours to dry even in warm weather like we had  yesterday so I still have a couple of components that need painting.  Those that are done look really good.

The weather is in change mode.  It appears we might get into the seventies today with some clouds.  Tomorrow we switch back to lower temperatures and showers.  That continues into Friday when we are to get more warm, sunny weather.  But then, it could all be smoke and mirrors.

I might be appointed to my Home Owners Association Board of Directors at the condo complex.  The  President of the Board is making a presentation to the group in hopes of my filling out a term vacated by the Vice President at the next meeting in a couple of weeks.  I am kind of hopeful that I will get the appointment.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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