Friday, September 11, 2015

Ohio Turnpike

While it costs more than any other toll road we traveled, it provided far more service to the traveler than any other turnpike or freeway we were on.  The Ohio Turnpike provides a method for the traveler to cross the entire state and never have to exit the roadway.  For us, with four axles, it cost nearly $35.00 to cross the state.  At no time did we experience and congestion on any part of the turn pike.

Service plazas provide gas, food, and shopping as you cross the state.  Some even have low cost parking places for RV's that have electrical for $20.00 per night.  It's free if you choose not to use the electricity.  And the RV spots are away from the main truck parking making it much quieter than most truck or rest stops.

There are toll roads all over the eastern part of the country.  Some require you to stop and pay while others have automated toll booths.  Some just read the license plate and send you a bill in the mail.  EZ-Pass seems to be the choice for most of the states in the east for folks to pay a lesser amount.

Washington state has decided to toll the hot lane (HOV) on I 405 from Bellevue to Lynnwood leaving those who don't wish to pay the extra toll to sit in further highway congestion.  I would think it would be much easier to toll the whole road and build a better highway system that can take on the extreme traffic that we have.

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