Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

This past week I smoked some St Louis style pork ribs and flank steak in the smoker.  Both were absolutely fantastic.  This little smoker does a great job both as a smoker and as a grille.  We have been in awe with how well it operates and how easy it is to clean up.

Years ago when Seattle had the Kingdome I went to what I thought would be my last Seahawks game in a stadium.  At the time I was an alcoholic and I thought the crowd at the game was out of control.  Some folks spilled their big King Beers and it ran down the steps soaking my jacket and everything else under my seat.  My daughter had an extra ticket for last Thursday's preseason game with the Oakland Raiders so I though what the heck.  I attended the game with them and came away with no better opinion of the crowd than years before, and I was sober this time.  Unfortunately while there are folks who go to watch the game and have a good time there is a large contingent that come to drink and end up spoiling the game for others.  While I had a great deal of fun with my daughter and her fiancee, I doubt that I will be attending any further professional football games in the future.  Go Hawks

Sitting here in the travel trailer listening to the rainfall from above.   It isn’t uncommon to have holiday weekends turn into water fest weekends.  Seems we can have drought but somehow, on most long weekends, we end up with rain.  Right now it isn’t just a light rain it, has been coming down pretty hard for the past several hours and the wind has picked up some adding another interesting element to the tree laden forest that makes up and surrounds our little oasis.  You get used to it but it can be brutal with four people with only a 26’ travel trailer.

Our granddaughter came up with us yesterday and the day was fairly nice.  She visited with friends in the park that she hadn’t seen for some time and was home pretty early and in bed.  Last night our grandson came up to join us and as always on long holiday weekends there was a dance and Karaoke function at the ballpark.  The kids wanted to go while we visited with friends so we let them go have fun.  They were home and in bed by 11:30 pm and all was right with the world.

Mia and I plan to spend the week in the park as we are scheduled to go to membership next Sunday to seal the deal on the new trailer and membership.  While we expect to get keys and everything finalize we won’t get the opportunity to enjoy the new place till later in the month.  We have plans to do the Western Washington State Fair on Monday the 14th with friends so we’ll sign the paperwork, hand over the check, get the keys and books and head home.  When we come back up the next time we will stay in the new trailer and begin the process of moving everything of our old lot to the new one.  There is a shed that needs some paintwork on the inside before we can use it.  I’ll show you what I mean with pictures before I start the work. 

September could be a very busy month for us.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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