Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hug Point

Welcome to the first day of Fall.  Last Friday we visited Hug Point just south of Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast.  It was a beautiful day for the beach.  Being low tide we were able to explore some of the small caves as well as walk around some of the rocks to other beaches.
The rock

Walk around to another beach


View from the cave

Small steam runs thru the sands

Water fall creates a stream

Another cave view

Have no idea what this is for

The other beach

Trail to the other beach

Friends drop by, literally

Honey doesn't understand moving water

James finds a seat

Jeff gets exercise chasing his little man around

Honey thinks something is alive in the rock

A beach without a kite is not beach at all
After all the fun at the beach we said our goodbyes because we were both leaving the next day for the drive home.  Leaving without a sunset picture wasn't going to happen so I went down to Gearhart Beach just before sunset and took some shots.

Sunset at Gearhart Beach
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves.....Be safe out there.

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