Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Second Day In Tillamook

We left this morning and returned to Tillamook to meet up with our son Jeff and his family at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  Fun place to learn more about cheese than you probably want to know.
The pictures appear to have a filter because the glass you look through has this amber tint to it and makes it look like the lens has a filter.

Mia and James had a lot of fun with the cutout.
Mia and I got into the Tillamook bus for pictures.
It takes along time (over and hour) to drive the short distance from Seaside to Tillamook.  48.9 miles of up and down speed through what seems like endless little townships.   You start out at 55 miles per hour and within a couple of miles end up slowing to 40 mph, then 30 and sometimes 20 mph when there are schools along the highway.  What should take about an hour can be extended to one and a half hours.  There were a couple of places where the highway was a one way road due to construction.  Then there are the speed zones where you're in a small town doing 30 mph and as you leave the town there is a sign...End of 30 mph.  But no sign telling you want to do next.  You go one for nearly half a mile before finally finding another sign increasing the miles per hour.  So I guess you can go as fast as you like from the end of the speed zone to the next sign, right?  A to have a really fast car.
I photographed more barns and we came back to the trailer for an afternoon of complete and total relaxation.
Hope everyone is well...

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