Saturday, September 20, 2014

Beach Day

Yesterday was beach day, first in Seaside and then we went to Hug Point a little south of Cannon Beach.  Surf, sand, rocks, caves, mussels, barnacles, craggily old trees and a wonderful time watching James (our grandson) and Honey (our dog) experience new features in the world around them.

Seaside is a small community that caters to tourism.  Lots of little shops with many items designed to remind you of your trip to their city many years after you where actually here.  Many have shirts, driftwood art, paintings, wooden boxes but no quilt shop.  You can purchase all kinds of things to eat from fresh seafood to steak.

On of my favorite shops now is Flashback Soda and Malt Shop.  I walked in and it was like I stepped back into the 50's.  I was telling my son about the root beer I had purchased the day before at Tillmook Cheese Factory and he said the place that makes it is right in Seaside.  Wow, what an amazing place and they have 26 different brands of root beer.  I purchased four bottles for future consumption.

We took James to a small toy store in the carousal mall and he played with toys on the floor for quite awhile, while little Nina (our latest grandchild) was total oblivious to the whole thing.
Our son and James rode the carousal before we headed to the beach.
Then it was off to the beach.

We are pulling out to head home today.  We should be home by late afternoon.  We visited Hug Point in the afternoon and I will post more about that locale tomorrow because I have lots of pictures.

Hope everyone is safe and having a good time.

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