Sunday, July 21, 2013

Views and Race

I know this is small peanuts to some you but my blog finally found 20,000 views.  53 of those came on a post from earlier this month when asked for some friendly advice.  I was seeking some retirement advice/suggestions.  Two of the 53 who viewed that post responded with some very good suggestions.  What happened to the other 51?

Watching Meet The Press for the first time in the past weeks.   Race relations and Detroit bankruptcy.  Interesting to note that during both discussions the need for more middle class jobs was discussed.  Educated people seem to prosper while the lower classes seem to wade through life wondering where the America dream went.  Racial tensions continued to grow as the younger give up on education in larger numbers than ever before.
We are no closer to fixing the issues than we where in past decades.  Until I, as a middle class white male, is willing to trade my white skin without fear of losing rights, economic status, and discrimination, we haven't reached the real American dream.

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